The Firm

Premier Investments is an independent investment distribution firm (many times called third party marketing) that seeks to match high quality funds with high quality salespeople. The Premier team members are not just fund salespeople, they are investment distribution experts with experience at some of the leading investment firms in the country. They have perfected their craft through years of experience and seek to partner with our clients to best understand how their funds can help advisors help their clients.

Premier introduces to institutions and financial advisors some of the most interesting investment strategies available in the marketplace today. It is our goal to offer unique, differentiated funds in categories we believe thoughtful allocators might be considering. All of our strategies have provided competitive returns over the long term, offer reasonable fees and experienced management that have shown significant commitment to the long term success of the fund. The funds we represent are not large so they have the ability to be nimble in their markets and offer capacity for advisors.

There are over 3200 ETFs, 7000 mutual funds and over 20,000 private funds in the United States, many are brought to market by “fund factories” (you know the names). We help allocators sort through the thousands of funds available and seek to bring them unique funds with low manager turnover that have a high commitment from management and longer term perspectives; managers that exhibit independent thinking and responsive client service.

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The People

All Premier representatives have a history of sales success and just as important, a record of high integrity selling. Each of them work with advisors to help them understand the unique benefits of the funds we offer. Our team members consist of salespeople with MBAs, and holders of the CFA and CFP designations.

Bill Peterson is the founder of Premier Investments, he has been a CFA charterholder since 2001 and also earned an MBA from the University of MN (after starting at NYU). During his career Bill has successfully marketed commodities, long-only strategies of a wide variety, tactical strategies, alternatives, real estate, separate accounts, ’40 Act and private funds. He has worked extensively with very large qualified plans and other institutional investors such as endowments and foundations. Bill has also successfully gained the highest rankings for strategies from some of the largest consulting firms in the country.

We believe even the best investment strategies need to be introduced to the right person in the correct manner to have sales success. Premier focuses on quality, both for funds and salespeople.

Call: (952) 214-0899

Why Premier Investments?

Premier Investments will only work with experienced wholesalers with a solid history of helping advisors select funds. They all must have exhibited a high level of integrity in their professional backgrounds and a deep knowledge of the investment business. We understand that the days of funds being sold based on sales contests, tickets, etc. are (thankfully) coming to a close.  We sell on the merits of the fund and how it might help investors so we are very careful on choosing our fund partners.  If you are a money management firm with a great story, let us help you tell it to potential investors.

Our salespeople understand how to provide the information an advisor needs to select a fund and how the fund can potentially help their clients. We help allocators help their clients. This we believe is the key to a long term relationship with our fund partners and advisor clients, something we strive for every time we initiate  a conversation.

We offer a wide range of services as part of fund partner relationship, which will be formalized in our agreement:

– Direct calling on advisors and analysts across the country using our proprietary database.  While ancillary marketing services can be helpful, we believe direct calling on allocators is paramount in gaining new assets for a fund.

– Direct calling on institutions and consultants as agreed upon.

– Key Account coverage from someone experienced working with due diligence teams and a history of successfully navigating strategies through the process.

– Branding review if needed.

– Review of marketing materials and website.

– Review of RFP database if needed.

– Review of past sales campaigns.

– Work with existing marketing personnel and portfolio managers on how to best communicate differentiators.

– Develop fund marketing materials for Premier Investments to use and have our broker/dealer approve for compliance.

– Compliance oversight of wholesaler activities regarding funds sold.

– Ensure consistent and desired messages are incorporated into selling.

– Reports summarizing sales activities, feedback received on strategies, market opportunities, etc.

– Introduction of fund personnel to clients as appropriate.